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26th April 2018 

About Counselling

The Beginning....
While it can be helpful to talk to someone who knows you well, some things are difficult to share with family and friends. Meeting with a trained counsellor is an opportunity for you to talk with someone who is not personally involved in your situation, about those issues which might be hard to share in other spaces.

Choosing to start counselling for the first time could be seen as an act of courage, as you would be taking a decision to apply a different approach to difficulties. It can feel challenging to look more closely at the things which cause pain.

It is therefore important that you choose a counsellor you feel comfortable to work with. I offer a one-off, initial session, where we can both get a sense of what it would be like for us to work together.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"
Anais Nin

Finding Your Way Through...
Throughout the counselling process you can expect to be:
enabled to tell your story
listened to and understood
asked the right questions
accepted for who you are
challenged for who you could be
and, offered a different perspective.

I view the relationship between a client and therapist as key to any healing process. So I pay attention to what happens between us as a means of exploring past and present relationship patterns, and so enabling us to imagine what is potential. Your healing process may involve the grieving old wounds whilst being supported to engage and release stuck and painful emotions. In this, you may find that new energy becomes available for your next steps. Equally, the aim of the integrative approach is to foster new, empathic relationship to those aspects we would normally want to disown.

By the end of the counselling process you may find that you have:
developed a deeper level of self awareness
discovered fresh insights into your life and circumstances
greater access to internal resources and skills
developed greater capacity to deal with life's challenges,
and that a wider range of choice becomes available to you.

We may have agreed an end date from the start of the work. If not, the time to end will become clearer as we go on. Whichever way the ending comes around, I consider it an important period where we can review your journey - look back on what has been learned and achieved, and take stock as to what you will carry forward, or indeed, what you will leave behind.

Juliet Carr - Integrative Counselling in North West London
Queens Park, Kilburn London NW6.
In easy reach of West Hampstead, Maida Vale, Kensal Rise, and Willesden Green.

If you are looking for a therapist in Kilburn or Queens Park area call me on 07951 387 431 or email me to arrange an initial session.