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Complementary Energy Healing Services


Trauma, emotional and mental stress, physical distress, and other blocks to personal wellbeing can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function as fully as we would wish. Energy healing supports the body/mind's natural healing process by clearing blocks in the energy field and rebalancing the energy so that your system can move to its optimal level of balance from where it is able to access its innate healing capabilities.

Energy Healing is a term which describes any therapy that works directly with the energy system in our physical or subtle bodies to bring about balance and promote our body's built-in healing mechanisms. Energy healing is holistic, in that it works on the levels of mind, body and spirit. It opens our consciousness to the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring our lives into balance, harmony and vitality.

The following sessions can be booked as remote distance energy healing sessions:


The energy of Reiki (Universal Energy) transcends all boundaries of time and space.

Distance Reiki, provides an alternative to the in-person session, with the advantage of that the Reiki treatment is delivered to you remotely at a pre-arranged time using the information and photograph you supply.

For your convenience, distance healing can be scheduled for a time when you are in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Reiki treatments can also be scheduled for stressful times, such as

just before and just after surgeries, or immediately prior to court cases, childbirth, sporting events, when you are suffering from cold or flu, etc. Additionally, some of our clients purchase distance healing treatments for sick family members, homebound seniors, family or friends in hospitals or nursing homes, etc. We'll work collaboratively to come up with the ideal treatment for the situations you or your family are facing.

Skin conditions;
Back problems;
Low Self Esteem;
Poor Self Confidence;
When you are not ill but want a relaxing treatment;
When you just want a pick me up or to boost your energy levels;

I am a qualified Reiki Level III (Master) Practitioner

you have any specific questions about the services offered below feel free to @3 and I typically respond within 24 hours.


Spontaneous Transformation is a gentle, therapeutic and energy healing system which is very effective in healing the emotional overwhelm of current or past trauma. It is a guided imagination process which acknowledges your presentation exactly as it and supports your system to find its own unique resolution.

 STT can be applied to any situation where you are experiencing emotional upset. Many people have found greater levels freedom within the areas of health and fulfilling relationships by simply accessing and releasing what is buried deep within.

I am a certified Spontaneous Transformation Technique practitioner.


You can use this link to email me to arrange a session.
Sessions are 90 minutes in duration. Please use this link to make your advance payment of £70.

You can use this link to email me to arrange a session.
Sessions are 45 minutes in duration. Please use this link to make your advance payment of £30.

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